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2011-10-16 (Sun) 20:53


Bravo pour cette application que j'ai recommand?? ?? plusieurs amis!,
by h3oppd3t | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 21:59
This helps me remove the ???bad apples??? to ensure more productivity.,
by 492529 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 21:32
You???areJedis))) Hurray, my fossils bought me newest iPhone for BD.,
by kolombo44 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 21:05
This was extremely disappointing because based on the information recorded of the two recordings that did work; the most valuable information to my case would have been provided in the recordings prior to the one I received which have been in a ???pending??? status for almost two days now.,
by ni8314va | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 18:34
I was also told that the recording may have been interrupted by a call even though the phone and text log showed no incoming or outgoing calls or texts during any time of the scheduled recording time and finally when I questioned why I was able to download recordings set five minute after the recordings in question, despite all the other excuses I received, I was told that the company was in the process of moving data from one server to the next and if the status did not change in 24hrs than I would probably not be able to download the file and finally after more than 12hrs from the initial email I sent regarding this problem I received an email from customer support with yet again another excuse as to why the status of the recording had not changed which was; ???Please be informed that currently we have a long queue of media files on the server.,
by ed281972 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 18:24
I am not particularly happy with the kind of crowd he ???hangs out??? with and this is why I keep an eye on him.,
by 110489y | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 17:57
My back???s alive&kicking again.,
by 142210lav | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 17:48
Je conseille donc vivement cette application ?? tout le monde et comme dit le diction, l'essayer c'est l'approuver!,
by dmb200511 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 17:39
I live in a pretty descent neighborhood but that doesn???t stop my son from hanging out with the wrong crowd.,
by qwerty | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 16:42
I???m happy I could give her a timely help when she needed it.,
by taboshar | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 16:33
Thank you Useful website for those who suspect their significant ones cheating ??? mobile spying app that is easy to use.,
by 484888vlg | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 15:49
After 2x attempts to talk to someone via the ???online chat??? option and 1x email I finally talked to someone when I called the customer support line which is more like an excuse support line, I was fed a bunch of implausible excuses as to why I was not seeing the status change from ???pending??? to being ???downloadable???.,
by angel6 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 15:40
They offer such features as tracking Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook messenger but I haven???t decided if I should use them ??? they require rooting the phone.,
by said313 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 14:29
Avec cette application, finie les inqui??tudes.,
by ngahav | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 14:19
I have been using mspy on my child???s Samsung galaxy S4 and did not find any problem with it.,
by gigagiga | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 13:25
Le gps m'a ??galement permis de savoir s'ils allaient bien en cours ou non, et m'a rassur?? quand ils rentraient tard.,
by angel6 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 12:07
When so many companies only have one option, it???s great to see so many.,
by hesoyam | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 10:55
Ora ho installato mSpy e sono tranquillo perch?¨ posso rintracciare il mio dispositivo ovunque si trovi.,
by anton55 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 10:37
Now that I got mSpy I can listen to my employees??? talks behind my back and do timely conclusions.,
by 123456789 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 10:28
Mspy est ?? conseiller pour tous les parents qui s'inqui?¨tent pour leurs enfants!,
by 7676834qaz | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 10:20
Unfortunately, my son had been looking at unsavory sites on the web, which resulted in him and his dad having ???the talk.,
by ybpzisto | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 09:53
Thanks to mSpy, I???m no longer with someone who isn???t the right guy for me.,
by 20091512m | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 09:18
They never backtalk, they do what they are told, I couldn???t ask for better kids.,
by pilvers | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 08:53
I recommend everyone who needs to track somebody???s device to choose mSpy as it is absolutely robust app.,
by 420905473 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 08:36
Avec cette application, finie les inqui??tudes.,
by zippo086 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 07:54
I???m happy I could give her a timely help when she needed it.,
by xeimrfrfz | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 07:11
You???areJedis))) Hurray, my fossils bought me newest iPhone for BD.,
by 4440732a | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 06:53
Consente di controllare tutti i dispositivi da un unica interfaccia che ?¨ molto comodo.,
by valery | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 06:45
My daughter recently turned 16, and for those of you who don???t have children, this is probably the most stressful time for a parent.,
by aspirine | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 06:20
This feature works perfectly and the fact that I can access all the data from my control panel makes mSpy one of the best applications I???ve ever used.,
by 55625562 | 2014-04-19 (Sat) 06:11